Our goals as a recruitment agency in Poland

About Master Care

For over 10 years we have been specializing in the recruitment and outsourcing (body leasing) of individual IT employees and entire teams of specialists. Our contractors work in local and international projects for IT, telecommunications, logistics, financial and pharmaceutical service providers. 


What is our vision?

Our vision is to provide companies with ideal candidates and fully tailored projects for IT specialists. We operate effectively and efficiently, emphasizing communication. We know how fast the world of technology is changing, which is why the Master Care team is constantly developing its skills to even better support the organizations we work with.


What we offer?

We offer permanent recruitment services, employee outsourcing and turnkey solutions tailored to the needs of even the most demanding customers. We provide highly qualified candidates at every seniority level. We focus on flexibility: Your expectations, requirements and budget are in the first place for us.
Outsourcing of IT employees
Employee outsourcing

As part of Body Leasing and Team Leasing, we provide specialists and entire teams in accordance with the client’s requirements and budget. We settle based on the working time needed for the selected specialist to enrich the client’s team with his know-how. It is up to the client whether it will be a short-term or long-term contract. 

IT recruitment and recruitment processes Warsaw
Permanent recruitment

It is an ideal choice for clients who want to employ a candidate for a specialist position. Our recruitment company settles based on the Success Fee. 


Our main goals

IT candidate database
matching employees to the expectations of the employer
1. Matching
We care about the best matching of projects to the expectations of our consultants and associates.
A good recruitment agency Poland
recruitment agency with high quality services
2. Quality
We provide our clients with the best specialists with proven competence. As many as 97% successfully pass the trial period.
Cooperation with an IT recruitment agency
3. Cooperation
We guarantee our clients and candidates transparent and the best possible conditions, based on respect and responsibility.

The history of the Master Care brand

Master Care is founded
Leasing of employees for local and international projects
A leading mobile operator
Employee leasing: 125 000 MD*
*MD = man-day
recruitment agency with high quality services
A leading company offering non-wage benefits to employees
Employee leasing and consulting: 1 000 MD*
*MD = man-day
A mobile operator in Austria
Employee leasing: 1 800 MD*
*MD = man-day
A company providing modern telecommunications services
Employee leasing: 2 000 MD*
*MD = man-day
A mobile operator in Austria in Germany
Employee leasing and consulting: 2 700 MD*
*MD = man-day
Feedback in recruitment
One of the oldest IT companies in the world
Won the tender for the main supplier. Employee leasing 5,000 MD*
*MD = man-day
The company belongs to one of the largest companies operating on the health care market in Poland and Lithuania
Construction and launch of the Network Supervision Center. Employee leasing and permanent recruitment.
Next generation cloud computing service provider
Employee leasing 1,200 MD*
*MD = man-day
Logistics operator of the parcel locker network
Employee leasing 3,100 MD*
*MD = man-day
Northern Europe’s leading independent consulting agency
Beginning of cooperation
One of the largest Polish construction companies
Beginning of cooperation
Market leader serving publishers of magazines, catalogues, producers and distributors of goods
Beginning of cooperation
Who are we?


Sławomir Kanafa Master Care COO
Sławomir Kanafa Chief Operating Officer &
Chief Procurement Officer

“In 2011, leasing of HR resources was a novelty on the market. We were just after the financial crisis of 2009 and we watched how fast the world we live in changed.” 

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“We believed that fast and flexible access to qualified personnel would be a natural compromise between flexibility and security for both the labor market and business.

Aleksander and I met at Crowley Data Poland in December 2001. I came to work there during the last years of my studies at Warsaw University of Technology. Alexander was the head of the Network Supervision Center, I was the Implementation Specialist in the IP Services Department. At Master Care, I have the role of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Procurement Officer, that is, I am the chief operating officer and head of procurement.”

In other words, Slawomir bridges two worlds with his person: the customer and his requirements, and the employee and his needs. For the company, his experience in contract negotiations, ability to organize work in a process-oriented way, measure the effectiveness of the solutions used, analytical thinking and task-oriented way of solving problems are of great value. What he values in his work with the team is direct and open communication, clear division of responsibilities, quick feedback, development orientation and identification with the company.

“I believe that quality HR resources are a great value. A person is not a machine, everyone is different and everyone should be dealt with individually, there is no seriality. ”
He is constantly improving his own work-life balance. He learns lessons and becomes more and more convinced that work-life balance allows both spheres to develop even more smoothly and harmoniously. She spends her free time in sports. He trains at the gym and runs in his free time. He is also a member of the “Iglica” Shooting Association, where he indulges in his other great passion – sport shooting with small arms.

Aleksander Cesarz Master Care
Aleksander Cesarz Consultant & Entrepreneur

He has been working in the telecommunications and IT industry since 1996 – he is one of the “pioneers of the Polish Internet”.

Read more about Aleksander

“Slawomir had a similar observation in projects in the area of radio and broadcast infrastructure. Hence the idea to join forces and offer our clients a new set of professional services. Especially since we were united by trust in each other’s expertise, backed by a history of success in joint projects, on the other hand by the same need to create a new quality for our clients,” – Alek says.

At the company, he manages the financial and formal side. He is responsible for negotiating contracts with clients, but also gets involved in key projects that require major organizational changes on the company’s side. His ability to find out-of-the-box solutions to both technical and business problems brings great value to Master Care’s development.

What he enjoys most about working with his team is the atmosphere of commitment and belief in success.
“We believe that we will always be a customer- and employee-friendly company. Part of a growing group of companies (together with Savigo) that will continue to successfully deliver tailored solutions to customers.”

He spends his free time with his family traveling, sailing and playing badminton.


Savigo – partner

We provide the possibility of providing a team in the Fixed Price model. Meet our sister company SAVIGO.

SAVIGO is a modern software company specializing in observability, automation and digitization.

Our goal is to support companies in optimizing business processes. We create technological projects for companies of various sizes from the IT, pharmaceutical, technological, financial, retail & FMCG, telco, automotive and transport and logistics sectors by providing solutions that increase their productivity and improve work. We provide the following services: • Automation • ObservabilityCloudDigitization • AI Artificial IntelligenceCustom Development • Consulting • Maintenance • R&D 


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