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What does an IT recruiter do?

IT recruiters face various challenges in their daily work, and their success depends on various factors. Learn more about the tasks that IT recruiters face and what skills are crucial for successful recruitment.

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What does an IT recruiter do?

Is the job of recruiters only to review the submitted CVs and select those that match the company’s requirements? Not completely. The scope of duties is much broader and requires competences in various fields. Check what tasks IT recruitment specialists face on a daily basis and what features allow them to be successful.

IT recruiter job responsibilities

Responsibilities of IT Recruiters

The scope of duties in this profession largely depends on the structure and size of the company, or the level of experience of the recruiter. It is difficult to present one set of tasks. Of course, the main one is full or partial recruitment processes. However, it is worth remembering that there are other important responsibilities besides this. Today, we will look at the work of IT Recruiter mainly from the perspective of a recruitment agency and an outsourcing company.

Finding the right candidate in IT is not an easy task. In the case of this industry, it is usually the job that is looking for a specialist, not a job specialist, which is why one of the basic tasks is sourcing. Searching databases, social media or job boards is much more effective and efficient than waiting for the candidate to apply to us himself, but it also requires more work and a conscientious approach to the subject.

Other typical duties also include:

  • Creating job advertisements and placing them on relevant portals
  • Establishing contacts with potential candidates
  • Analysis of submitted applications
  • Arranging interview dates
  • Conducting job interviews
  • Preparing and providing feedback
  • Preparation of candidate profiles and presenting them to the direct superiors of the future employee

Are these all the tasks? Not exactly. Modern recruiters in the IT industry are real renaissance people!

What skills must a good IT Recruiter have?


The first impression is important in almost every area of ​​life, including when we are looking for a job or when we receive another message on LinkedIn regarding employment. It is the recruiter, standing on the front line, who must properly present his company or the client’s company to arouse interest. Even the best job offer needs to be well presented and simply sold. Negotiations, building and maintaining relationships, and finally getting the contract signed – sounds like a business for a salesperson? It turns out that not only! These are also the tasks of recruitment specialists.


Marketing is closely related to sales. A good recruiter knows how important communication is. He can properly formulate an advertisement, write an interesting message to the candidate and take care of the brand image with his attitude.

Candidate experience 

Successful recruiters also keep an eye on the quality of the candidate experience. Transparent and simplified recruitment processes, friendly atmosphere, constant contact and, of course, feedback are particularly important to them.

Knowledge of technology

The multitude and variety of positions in IT can make a person unrelated to this industry dizzy, but not a good recruiter. This entails the need to constantly expand one’s knowledge about the world of technology. Thanks to this, communication with candidates is much easier, and the chance of success (employment) increases significantly.

Under the slogan of knowledge of technology, there are also other tasks and skills related to this job. Effective recruitment processes require modern solutions. IT Recruiter must be a person familiar with the systems that support him in e.g. building and maintaining a database of candidates, cooperation with Hiring Managers, publishing advertisements or creating reports.


As you can see, working as an IT Recruiter requires extensive knowledge and skills in various fields. The galloping world of technology forces continuous development and keeping up to date with the needs of companies and candidates.

The range of duties that do not seem typical for recruitment specialists is really large, but it is definitely worth paying attention to them and not giving up on them when looking for new employees.

Internal recruiters often also deal with administration or HR issues and do not always have the time and opportunities to get to know the IT industry so extensively. A faster and more effective solution is to cooperate with a recruitment agency that already has its database of candidates and proven methods for even the most demanding processes.

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